Confirmed Speaker | Carmen Salcedo Beltrán

FEED | March 22 ,2017

Confirmed Speaker | Carmen Salcedo Beltrán

Professor at the University of Valencia, Spain – Department of Labour Law and Social Security, Carmen Salcedo Beltrán, is also director of the international Research Group on “Human Rights and the European Social Charter” and Coordinator of the Spanish section of the Academic Network on that treaty.

As an author or participant, the name of Professor Beltrán appeared in more than 85 scientific publications including books, monographies and magazine articles, mainly published during the last 5 years. Regarding delivered conferences or speeches and presentations given either in seminars, congresses, conventions, both domestic and international ones (including Collége de France, Sorbonne Law Faculty, European Parliament, Counsil of Europe and Oporto´s Catholic University, I Law Academy Working Days) this number goes over 90.  

Her research has been carried in many different well-known places such as : Collège de France (Paris), Université de Paris Ouest-Nanterre, Université de Bologne (Italy), University of Columbia (USA) and Université de Karlova (Prague).

Professor Carmen Salcedo Beltrán is also director and main responsible for the Spanish Labour Minitry´s ID Projects, happening the same with the Valencia Community and has been acting as jury of scientific journals such as the Revue de Droit Politique, Revue Européenne des Droit Fondamentaux, Revue Catalane de Droit Publique et Revue d’Études Deusto.

15 April 2017 | Deadline for abstract submission

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