Confirmed Speaker | Teresa Coelho Moreira

FEED | March 13 ,2017

Confirmed Speaker | Teresa Coelho Moreira

Teresa Coelho Moreira has a PhD in Labour Law, summa cum Laude and she is Professor in University of Minho, School of Law, Portugal of 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle degree courses (graduation, master and PhD in Law). The Course areas include Labour Law, European Labour Law, Privacy and Data Protection and Equality and Non Discrimination in the Employment Relationship. She is also lecturer at National and International Seminars, Academic Conferences, and Congresses. She participates also as a lecture in postgraduate studies in Labour Law and Privay and Data Protection in different national and international Universities.

She is author of several publications at national and international level, and articles, about Labour Law, European Labour Law, Privacy and Data Protection and Equality and Nondiscrimination,
She has also participated in several international projects.
She co-organizes the National Portuguese Congress of Labour Law since 2006 and she is vice-director of the Human Rights Centre for Interdisciplinary Research, member of the Board of the Portuguese National Association of Labour Law, and vice-director of the Master in Law and Informatics.

She is also member of the Scientific Committee of the Labour Law Review, Minerva– Revista de Estudos Laborais, of the Review Scientia Iuridica, of the Review Labour & Law Issues in Italy, of the Review Revista Galega de Dereito Social, Spain, and member of the Editorial Office of the Questões Laborais, periodical with peer review. She is also reviewer of the Review Questões Laborais, member of the Law Studies Association and member of the Honorary Committee of the Association of Young Labour Law Scholars. She is member of the INLACRIS network - Independent Network for Labour Law and Crisis Studies – where she has represented Portugal in international projects, and member of the Gender Labour Law Research Network from the University of Kent.

15 April 2017 | Deadline for abstract submission

See you in Porto at 13-14 July 2017!