Confirmed Speaker | Paolo Tomassetti

FEED | March 16 ,2017

Confirmed Speaker | Paolo Tomassetti

ADAPT Research Fellow since 2010, Paolo Tomassetti got a Ph.D. in Labour relations from the University of Bergamo. At the same university, he currently teaches industrial relations law and is member of the teaching faculty of the Ph.D. in human capital formation and labour relations. He was post-doc research fellow at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and visiting researcher at the University of Amsterdam. He coordinates the editorial committee of the Italian review Diritto delle Relazioni Industriali. He is member of AIDLASS, AISRI, CIELO.

His research focuses on company-level collective bargaining and labour productivity. He recently started a research on labour regulation and the environment. He coordinated several international projects on these topics, co-funded by the European Commission. He published a number of articles on collective bargaining in peer-reviewed journals and he is currently writing a monograph on labour law and the environment.

Paolo Tomassetti was lecturer at the ITC-ILO, and participated as a national expert to the advisory committee on free movement of workers of the Council of the European Union, to the social affair committee of Eurocommerce, and to several international labour conferences of the ILO.

 15 April 2017 | Deadline for abstract submission

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